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Server's commandline setup and configuration

  1. Click the Commandline Manager from your control panel and click New to create one.

  2. Add a name, then click the drop-down and choose Dedicated server.

    More input fields will be available, so here you can enable the DLCs to your server by checking the box.

    DLC Selection

  3. Put the exact name of the folders from the File Manager and use semicolon ( ; ) to separate the mods. Don't add whitespaces.

    NOTE: If no folders are showing up in the File Manager, on your panel's homepage,
    click more>repair.

    Server/Client Mods: Where you put all the mods except for server-related mods.

    Server-side: Server-related mods, e.g. @ALiveServer;




    Auto Initialize: Mission starts even if no players found.

    Server File Patching: This is for mod's external settings, e.g. userconfig folder and needs to be in the server's root.

    Disable Logs: No log file will be generated in the Log Viewer.

    BandwidthAlg: Helps with network related issue, specifically players with high pings.

    Leave out the rest if you don't know what you are doing or contact us for assistance.

  4. Save and click Select to enable the commandline.

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