Creating a Custom Commandline

These instructions will guide you through creating a new commandline for your server to be able to launch mods.

1. Open the control panel for the server you want to modify. 

2. Click the "Commandline Manager" icon to open the Commandline manager

3. Click the Custom Commandlines tan and click "New" at the top to create a new commandline.

4. Add a name to describe the use of the Commandline.

5. Check the box to the left of the mods box and add the following to the mod field:

  • All the mods you wish to load (using their folder names)
  • Use semicolons between each folder name



6. Click "Save"

7. To the right of the new Commandline click "Select"

After this, the next time the server launches it will use the new Commandline.

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