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The following instructions will guide you through downloading mods and enabling them on your dedicated server.

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1. Download the mods of your choice
  • Check the requirements of the mods before you download them.
    • Some mods will require CBA
    • Others will have dependancies on other mods

2. Make sure your mods are unblocked as some mods will not be able to run without this step being taken.

3. Move the mods into your server directory (C:\ArmaServers\ClanServer)

4. If the mods come with keys, move them into the keys folder withing the server directory (C:\ArmaServers\ClanServer\keys)

5. Some mods will come with alternate instructions that will need to be followed step by step.

6. Edit your server.cfg file to accomidate how you want to handle mods:

          verifySignatures = 2;     //Verifies .pbos against .bisign files

  • All Mods Allowed (no protection) = 0
  • Only allows mods with a .bisign files in the keys folder = 2
7. Edit your command line to launch the server with the new mods:
NOTE: By using the command -serverMod=<string> the server will load the mods server-side (not broadcasted to clients)

8. Launch your server

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