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The following instructions will guide you through downloading Battleye Extended Controls (BEC) and enabling it on your dedicated server.

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1. Download the latest version of Battleye Extended Controls (BEC)

2. Right click on the download and open the properties. Unblock the download to avoid any permission issues.

3. Make sure you have the following files created for BEC to work. Located in (C:\ArmaServers\ClanServer\ArmaHosts\Battleye):
  • BEServer.cfg
  • bans.txt
Sample BEServer.cfg:
RConPassword Password
MaxPing 350

4. Move the contents of the download to your ACTIVE battleye folder within the server directory (C:\ArmaServers\ClanServer\ArmaHosts\BattlEye)

5. Open the configuration file in the Config folder (C:\ArmaServers\ClanServer\ArmaHosts\Battleye) and edit the following values to make sure they conform with your server installation.
Ip =
Port = 2302
BePath = C:\ArmaServers\ClanServer\battleye
6. All the other configuration settings will have comments around them explaining their uses and available values. Edit these as you see fit for your server.

7. Create a shortcut of Bec.exe in the battleye folder and move it to the desktop.

8. Right click on the shortcut and click properties to edit the target line of the shortcut to the following:
"C:\ArmaServers\ClanServer\ArmaHosts\Battleye\Bec.exe" -f Config.cfg
9. Launch your server using the shortcut on the desktop.

10. Launch BEC using the shortcut on the desktop.

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